What Will You Learn?

  • Develop an Excel template to prepare complete financial statements in just 30 minutes.
  • Refresh your understanding of the key accounting principles necessary for accurate financial reporting.
  • Enhance your Excel skills with practical applications of SUMIF, XLOOKUP, Tables, and advanced formatting techniques

Course Content

Design the Financial Statements
This section is divided into three lessons - what are key structure of the financial statements, how to map ledgers and chart of account and finally learn to prepare notes to the financial statements

  • Financial Statements Structure
  • Mapping Chart of Account and Ledgers
  • Preparing and link Notes – Part 1
  • Preparing and link Notes – Part 2
  • Part part quiz

Prepare the Financial Statements
The section takes you through the preparation of the 3 financial statements including how to add adjustment column.

Format and Control Checks
You learn how to create professionally formatted financial report and export them to PDF. We also discuss key control checks to minimise error in your report.

Closing remarks

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5 years ago
Great course. Well structured, paced and I feel far more confident using this software now then I did back in school when I was learning. And the guy doing the voice over really is great at what he does. I will probably do the course again and look at what other courses this instructor provides. Great quality and well worth the cost.
5 years ago
Every section has been well discussed in the course. It's definitely easy to understand. But I hope all activities sent was reviewed because, for some, it's still a basis for improvement.
Overall, it's a course worth to recommend!!!